Union Market

1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

If you live in the DMV area, Union Market is a must! I fell absolutely in love with this place. There's beautiful art around the building. Normally, I hate going to D.C. because it can get congested & traffic is just terrible. BUT, if anyones down to go to the Union Market... I am down! LOL 

The first shop that caught my eye was Follain. I can spend hours here just browsing their organic, all-natural wide selection of products! They carry everything such as hair products, skincare products & make-up. I was especially impressed with their selection of all-natural, organic make-up brands. Such as ILIA, RMS Beauty, One Love, etc. My boyfriend; RJ was super stoked that they carried Brickell. Brickell isn't carried in many stores here in Maryland, except for their face washes sold at Bloomingdales. Although their Brickell collection wasn't as big as we hoped, RJ purchased a face scrub from them. I decided to purchase a few products from RMS above since the store associate recommended them. (I'll be writing a review on these items soon!) I'll also be in Nantucket August 10-15th & I hear that they have a bigger Follain store there. So hopefully they have an even larger selection of items! I LOVE this store & will be back to try out more products!

Oh Salt & Sundry, how I wish I had my own place to furnish it with your home decor & soy candles. This boutique smelled like heaven. What really intrigued me was their soy candle selection. I'm a huge fan of soy candles because regular scented candles can be very toxic for us due to the chemicals used. They had all of my favorite soy candle brands such as Apotheke, Sydney Hale CandlesRue de Marli, etc. 

In the picture above, RJ & I purchased our drinks from Teaism. I ordered the Iced Chai & RJ ordered the Matcha Sweet Green Tea. The iced chai was a bit spicy & bitter for my taste. RJ enjoyed his drink, considering he has a sweet-tooth!

If you know me, you know that I LOVE italian food... I'm a carbs kinda girl LOL. We decided to try Cucino Al Volo. RJ & I split the Rabbit Ragu & added rigatoni pasta to it. I've actually never heard of eating rabbit meat & didn't know what to expect.. but this was bomb! The meat was so tender & juicy. It tasted like chicken... but so much better, if that makes sense?! If you're in the mood for something new & exotic, check this out! I promise you won't regret it. 

My experience with Union Market was greaaat. I'll be back soon & of course review other shops, food places & products! I hear they have a wine shop with a wide selection of whites. Can't wait to be back! 

Thanks for reading, babes