I'm in love with the cocoa


When people make chocolate covered strawberries they use the same recipe over and over again. Well... that can get dull. Here is MY take on these delicious little treats. If you'd like to try something new and delicious, here's something fast & easy!


There are no measurements! Everything is to taste.


Pour some semi-sweet chocolate chips and about a tablespoon of coconut oil in a bowl & CAREFULLY microwave. (Make sure not to burn the chocolate, or you'll have to start all over. I usually do 30-45 second intervals.)

Once the chocolate is close to fully melted, add as much Nutella as you'd like.

Mix the Nutella in, and microwave all of it again to make sure you have a creamy consistency. (The strawberries will be difficult to dip if the chocolate is too thick.)

Make sure everything is fully incorporated and mixed, and dip your strawberries!

If you want to get fancy you can drizzle white chocolate or cover with coconut shavings/mini chocolate chips/peanuts. The world is your oyster!

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3... 4, 5. Hehe. ENJOY!


Xo, Nina