Cafe Nola

4 E Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

4 E Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Coffee shop, bar, restaurant, & wonderful staff... Cafe Nola  has it allllllll.

Upon entering, I was surprised to find that the ambiance was not what I expected it to be -- in a good way of course. Unlike all of the coffee places I've been to, this one had managed to create a different kind of atmosphere by fusing all the best aspects of the service industry that appeal to a diverse crowd. From the abstract art displayed on the walls to a fitting range of music.

Unlike most coffee shops, they are more considerate of coffee lovers' needs. They serve coffee until 9:30pm!

My boyfriend & I decided to try their signature lattes. I ordered the Ninja Turtle (blend of hazelnut, caramel & chocolate). My boyfriend ordered the Blackberry White Mocha (made with blackberries & white chocolate). Can I just say... their lattes are the best I've had! I'm pretty serious about my lattes & Cafe Nola  definitely won me over. At first, I was worried that they would make it too rich, but it was a perfect balance. 

Being first-timers there, our waitress made some great recommendations and we ended up getting the Truffle Chips (house cut potato chips, sea salt, white truffle oil, and caramelized shallot aioli) to munch on. It was delicious! The dip that came with it complimented everything wonderfully. We ended up asking for two more servings! I wish I ordered more, but their kitchen also closes at 9:30pm. I'll definitely be back to try more things on the menu!



Service was excellent. All the staff I encountered were super nice & very knowledgable about the products they offer. Any questions I had, they had an answer. 

I'm in loooove & I'll definitely be returning! I think it's safe to say this is my new go-to spot. If you're ever in the Frederick area, definitely check this place out! I promise you won't regret it.

Thanks for reading lovelies!