Halo Top Creamery

While grocery shopping at Wholefoods, I came across Halo Top Creamery ice cream. I've seen them promote their ice cream on Instagram & being only 280 calories a pint.. I thought why not?! Especially since I'm trying to get back into shape & absolutely LOVE ice cream. RJ & I decided to try Birthday Cake and Strawberry

Halo Top is low in calories, high in protein, & low in sugar. Here's the best part: THEY'RE ALL-NATURAL. I know guys, it's too good to be true! Their ice cream tastes exactly like regular ice cream. Although, still not as good as Haagen Daz to me but who's complaining? Unlike other "healthy" ice cream, it's still creamy & doesn't leave a bad after-taste. Plus, I don't feel as guilty after finishing the whole pint! You can purchase this at your nearest Wegmans or Wholefoods.