Morning Skincare Regimen - Primally Pure

Your skincare regimen at night is important, but your routine in the morning is equally paramount for healthy skin. Thanks to Primally Pure, I was able to try two of their lovely products: Their Cleansing Oil for oily + acne-prone skin and Fancy Face Serum

I have used cleansing oil before discovering Primally Pure, but what separates this one from the others is that it effectively targeted my acne. The best part? No lab-based chemicals involved, just a simple blend of oils working their magic. I was surprised that my face was not as moisturized as expected because of the cleansing oil's viscosity, but that was when I realized there was a purpose for that. The thickness of the cleansing oil actually turned out to be a positive factor for healthy skin because it encourages users to really work to sufficiently spread the oil across their face, thus allowing the oils to penetrate deeper into the skin. After I used the Cleansing Oil, my face felt much cleaner and that's when I decided to move on to the second product Primally Pure provided. 

The Fancy Face Serum went hand in hand with the Cleansing Oil. After a deep cleanse, I applied the serum (using 4-5 drops) to my face, I couldn't believe the results from immediate application and later throughout the day. Despite being on Spring Break, Maryland has been relentless with its cold conditions. This serum protected my face from drying, without causing more oil to be produced from my skin. Almost immediately after applying the Fancy Face Serum, my skin was literally glowing! It is nice knowing that my brighter, glowing complexion adds a little shine to even the coldest and cloudiest of days here.

Primally Pure has a lot more to offer, they have several different categories for their products. If you are in pursuit of a deeper skin cleanse and year-round protection for your skin, be sure to check them out!  

Thanks for reading!