Magic Organic Apothecary

Can I just start off by saying how beautiful MOA's packaging is?! 

I had the pleasure in experiencing Magic Organic Apothecary's products. They're based in the UK and they're known for their natural, organic skincare goodies! Inside their Facial Gift Set, you'll find their bamboo face cloth paired with "The Green Balm" and their "Aphrodite Facial Oil". 

Made with key ingredients, organic yarrow and tea tree oil, The Green Balm deep cleanses the skin, removes excess oils and draws out impurities. This balm is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin which is exactly what I have! Yarrow is not only a wound healer, but its great for acne and tightening the pores. It also helps combat oily skin! Tea tree is a powerful antiseptic, it also aids in reducing acne, great for eczema, and fades scars. I pair this balm with MOA's Bamboo Face Cloth, it's made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. Bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and it's also one of the most eco materials on the planet! 

First, I apply some of the Green Balm on my eyes to remove my eye make-up. Then I massage a little more balm all over my face moving upwards to encourage elasticity and better circulation to help tone the facial muscles. Next, I go in with my bamboo face cloth using warm water to wipe off the oil and impurities, while sealing in the balm itself. Last, I wet the cloth with cold water and apply it to my face just to close the pores. It's a pretty quick process, but it does wonders for my skin! I've noticed how clean and clear my skin looks and feels. 

After I've cleansed my face, I go in with MOA's Aphrodite Facial Oil! The name itself just makes you feel beautiful! This oil is a magical blend for radiant skin. It absorbs easily and it helps in aiding fine lines and ward off premature aging (Ladies, we all need to start young!). Key ingredients are Rosehip oil, Damask rose EO, organic Yarrow, Rose Geranium, and Marshmallow extract. All of these products combined, helps relieve the skin from redness, blemishes, evening out skin tone, balance/cleanses, and gently calm/soothes the skin. 

I apply this oil by dropping a pea-sized amount in the palm of my hands and massage it into the skin using a circular upward motion until I feel the oil penetrate into my skin. I've noticed how much brighter and youthful my skin is after using this! It's a must try!

Magic Organic Apothecary has a wonderful line of *magical* blends. They also have gift sets that are perfect for Mother's Day! Be sure to check them out!

Thanks for reading!