Pura Organics


Hello to my lovely readers!

I wanted to share a new chic & luxe skincare line that I've discovered and am currently loving this summer! 

Pura Organics

Their packaging and aesthetics are absolutely beautiful. Not only that, but they use quality organic ingredients to make their exquisite line.

Two products that I've recently added into my skincare regimen are their Nourishing Face & Body Scrub and Under Eye Tightening Gel.

Nourishing Face & Body Scrub

This gentle, yet abrasive scrub helps eliminate dead skin cells for a more soft and silky finish. It brings newer and more radiant skin to the surface, while preventing the appearance of fine lines. I love this product because of its anti-aging properties, including Grapeseed Oil and Avocado Oil.

Grapeseed Oil is known to treat acne, tighten and moisturize the skin, reduce scars, and restore collagen.

Avocado Oil is known to hydrate and soften the skin. It's also effective at treating acne, blackheads, eczema, and other forms of skin inflammation.

I have acne-prone, combination skin and this scrub does wonders! It has reduced a lot of redness, texture and gives me that radiant glow. After exfoliating, the oils from the scrub leaves my face feeling silky smooth and absolutely luscious.

I use this scrub twice a week at night and it feels so so sooo good on my skin! Sometimes I like to leave the scrub on as a mask after exfoliating for 10-15 minutes just so the oils can sink in and moisturize the skin.

Under Eye Tightening Gel

Eyes are the first feature most people look at. Well at least I do!

I ALWAYS need a good under-eye product in my daily skincare regimen. This under eye gel is definitely unique. I've always used creams and oil-based products. A gel consistency is definitely new to me. This goes on wonderful! It has kind of a cooling effect that instantly reduces puffiness around the eyes. I've also noticed that my dark circles have lightened a ton!

I use this every morning & night. Fortunately, I don't have crows feet or fine lines around my eyes yet! This eye gel does aid in crows feet & fine lines though. Their key ingredients are organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Hyaluronic Acid (plant derived) which are both anti-aging properties.

Pura Organics have a luxe line of amazing blend of organic skincare products. Be sure to check them out here!