Life's Better in California

During this past spring break, my friends & I decided to take a fun trip to California. We visited Santa Monica & beautiful San Diego! 

Our first stop was in San Diego, I loved it there so much! Everything from the food to the scenery was just amazing. During our stay in San Diego, we visited Torrey Pines. The ambience was absolutely peaceful & soothing. I felt a spiritual bond with my mind, body, soul & mother earth herself while meditating. I definitely recommend visiting Torrey Pines if you're looking for a place to unwind & clear your mind.

My favorite in all of San Diego... Sunset Cliffs. I could come here everyday, watch the sunrise/sunset, read Lang Leav's poetic writings, & enjoy a nice beverage. We came here almost everyday because the view is just astounding. If you're into surfing, this is the place to go! 

Of course we had to visit Seaworld San Diego Zoo. Seaworld was pretty dope, we saw the Shamu show. BUT after seeing Blackfish on Netflix with Katie... it wasn't so dope after all & i'm glad that I didn't pay to get in. It's terrible how they keep the orcas in captivity, but Seaworld just announced last month that they're no longer breeding orcas & that this is the last generation. So you better visit now (LOL JK). The San Diego Zoo was an amazing experience. Although, the animals were trapped in an enclosed space, they were definitely taken care of. They weren't neglected like the orcas at Seaworld. The zoo was huge & we didn't get enough time to explore everything. If you ever decide to visit, make sure to go early!

Disneyland... where dreams come true. It was okay.. the lines were SUPER long but i'm glad we went. California was an amazing experience to cherish forever...

& that is why we're all making it a goal  to move here in 2018!

- Nina