Island Life In Beautiful Nantucket

Usually when people think about vacay, they think of wandering off to the Caribbean's or the Virgin Islands. Me, not being the basic chick I am, decided to visit Nantucket, MA. Trust me when I say, there's no place like Nantucket. 

For those who have never heard of Nantucket and have only read about this small island in romance novels (that being me), will most definitely fall in love. It's a perfect getaway if you just want to be alone with your thoughts. Being from the city, you're surrounded by a fast-paced environment.  It gets tiresome. Being on the beach, indulged in a book was one of those rare moments where time felt still and I could truly appreciate the tranquility of Nantucket itself.

I stayed in a single home built in 1978. The house itself was huge, but it looked like it came straight out of a horror movie. I got some pretty creepy vibes from the house, but the views made up for that. Waking up everyday with an ocean-view isn't so bad in a haunted house after all.

Many of the properties there look as they did decades ago because the state won't allow any modifications to be done on historic grounds.. basically Nantucket is all historic. So not much has changed. I loved going to town because the buildings and the original cobblestone roads were all so aesthetically pleasing. Below are a few photos I took during my stay there!  

Thank you, Nantucket for another cultural experience! 

Also, thank you guys for reading! Be sure to head on over to "Makeup" to read about the products I used while in Nantucket.